Development of Solution Technology for Personalized Gait Control and Performance Evaluation of Lower-limb Robotic Exoskeleton through Artificial Intelligence/Big Data

Period : 2020-04-01 ~ 2023-12-31
Total Budget : 300,000,000 원

Goal of This Project

  • Implementation of Walking Big Data Construction Technology Using Motion Analysis System
  • Development of robot control technology and artificial intelligence-based personalized walking parameter generation algorithm and walking diagnosis digital healthcare technology
  • Establishment of exoskeleton robot system with walking integrated solution technology

Project Contents

User walking big data construction technology (SW) using motion analysis system

  • Sensor fusion technology that integrates motion analysis systems (optical/non-optical motion analysis sensors, ground reaction force measurement sensors, bio-signals, etc.)
  • Human body motion and walking analysis technology using integrated motion analysis system and terrain platform
  • Data collection and data set construction technology using the Robot Operating System (ROS) environment
  • A technique for classifying data from a wide range of human walks through indexing and analysis of collected data

Robot control technology and AI-based personalized walking parameter generation algorithm and walking diagnosis digital healthcare technology (SW)

  • Technology for generating a model for predicting timing and auxiliary torque parameters to support user muscle optimization
  • Synchronization gain prediction model of patient leg joint for optimal gait support
  • PID/Impedance-Control technology for active motion control during walking
  • Personalized control parameter extraction technology through the application of big data and artificial intelligence
  • Performance factor modeling technology for determining personalized walking ability and amount of walking support

Exoskeleton Robot System with Walking Integrated Solution Technology (SYS)

  • H30A Robot with Personalized Muscle Support Model Technology
  • HKAFO robot with patient optimization Synchronization gain prediction model technology
  • Data Interworking and Collection Technology of the System for Performance Analysis before and after Wearing Exoskeleton Robot
  • Performance evaluation technology of walking support rate through comparative analysis before and after wearing a robot

H30A & HKAFO Robot Platform
H30A & HKAFO Robot Platform

Participating Researchers

  • Wansoo Kim : Principal Investigator
  • Seongmin Ha : (H/W) Electrical Part Design
  • Joonhyun Kim : (S/W) AI Engineering, Optization, Data collection
  • Joonhyung Kong : (H/W) Setting up experimental environments, building embedded systems
  • Dongcheol Shin : (H/W) Setting up terrain and experimental environment equipment