Joonhyun Kim

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I’m interested in AI and robot control theory. I have experience in supervised learning using Classical ML/DL techniques,
and based on these, I am working on a project to apply them to Robot Control and Optimize various parameters.

Research interests

  • Machine/Deep Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Robot Control Theory


  • (2017.03~2023.02) B.S. Robotics Engineering, Hanyang University(ERICA)
  • (2023.03~present) M.S. Candidate, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Hanyang University(Seoul)


  • Development of the Stewart Platform Suspension Algorithm for Automobile
  • Development of Solution FOR Personalized GAIT Control and Performance Evaluation of Lower-limb Robotic Exoskeleton Through Artificial Intelligence / Big Data
  • Development of the IMU Based GAIT Phase Prediction Model using CNN Model
  • Vision Sensor-based Golf Swing Motion Estimation
  • 3D point cloud human object detection algorithm using 2D lidar