Our laboratory has Mobile Manipulators and Exoskeleton Robots as our main research themes, and we have a variety of equipment necessary for this. We can provide various support for research with these equipment.

Exoskeleton Robot Research

AI Lower Exoskeleton Robot Control Project

The shape of a human body is different in all the populations of the world. One of the most difficult things about properly controlling exoskeleton robots is that they need to be controlled flexibly, depending on the diversity of these individuals.
In our lab, we’re studying how to analyze these variations with AI technology and use it appropriately for robot control

Our Researches

Active Passive Hybrid Joint System Using Planetary Gears Tendon Driven Actuator for Exoskeleton Robot IMU Based GAIT Phase Prediction in CNN Model

Mobile Manipulator Research

Mobile Manipulator Project

In our lab, research on mobile manipulators is being conducted in various ways under the theme of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). Working with mobile manipulator robots and workers can make it easier to perform tasks, or they can do certain tasks on behalf of people.

Our Researches

Collision-Free Target Grasping Motion Planning Target tracking mobile robot