Seungmin Choi

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I am interested in Physical Human Robot Interaction (PHRI), which utilizes control theory and robotics. Using Robotics and classical control theory, we are working on a project to implement force control of robots and apply various control techniques.

The ultimate goal of my research is not to specialize in specific tasks, but to make robots capable of performing various tasks skillfully, and to that end, I am studying Robotics and classical and state-of-the-art control techniques.

Research interests

  • Physical Human Robot Collaboration
  • Robot Dynamics
  • Optimal Control theory
  • Mobile Manipulation
  • Safety-Aware Impedance Control


  • (2017~2023.02)B.S Robotics Engineering, Hanyang University(ERICA)
  • (2023.03~present) B.S. Dept. of Convergence Robot System, Hanyang University(Seoul)


  • Whole-body cooperate control algorithm development for mobile collaborative robot workplace safety guideline development
  • Mobile Manipulator Whole Body control