Hyungi Moon


Current Affiliation : Hexar Humancare Co.

Research intersts

  • Upper Limb Exoskeleton
  • Human Robot Interaction
  • Safety control


  • (2012.02) Bachelor’s Course, Department of Mechanical Design and Automation Engineering, SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
  • (2012.03~present) Master’s and PhD Integrated Course, Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University


  • Development of Wearable Robot for Industrial Labor Support
    Human Robot Interaction based Upper limb exoskeleton control
  • High responsive control technology of a lower-limb exoskeleton under rough terrain
    Human motion analysis sensor mockup design
    Human motion data analysis
  • Development of a power assist device for a fireman to rescue humans
    Multifunctional gripper design
    Power assist manipulator control
    Sensor signal processing board development
  • Development of Integrated Control System in Special Purpose Machinery for the Application for Disaster
    Haptic Device System Design
  • Integrated motion control technology of high-payload upper and lower extremity muscle strengthening robot
    Lower limb exoskeleton modeling and simulation